Frequently Asked Questions

No. Quite the opposite, we are an Anti-Scam Project, developed by good people who got scammed and decided to help prevent others going through the same troubles.
No. It's not a pump and dump project and we already demonstrated people what we can develop. We are developing what is in the roadmap day by day. We have demonstrated that we are serious people, since everything in the roadmap so far has been completed successfully.
Our faces are blurred because we can't make scammers know who is going to fight them. For now it is better to maintain our privacy.
Come on. We could have taken moneys from everyone since the very first day. We never did it. We didn't even sell tokens from the dev wallet to not touch the price.
Rome wasn't build in a day. That's obvious. That's why we don't have a fixed release date. We are working day by day to get things done as quick as possible but we don't want to rush anything. We want to deploy a great product to become the most successful project fighting scam inside the crypto world.
Definitely not! We are the authentic Scam Token Official Project. You can find our info only in our Website and Telegram channel.
A deflationary token model is one where tokens are removed from the market over time. The main benefit to models like these is that they prevent the market from being flooded with excess tokens.
Frictionless payments refer to online and offline checkout processes where the barriers of buying have been minimized.
A farm token allows you to gain tokens by just holding them. As soon as you are a holder, you receive tokens transaction after transaction.
Whenever people buy or sell tokens, 10% of the transaction is redistributed to all the holders and 2% is automatically redistributed and locked onto Pancakeswap. You gain tokens by just holding them.
Here you can find the Token Contract.

You can do it through Pancakeswap. You need to own a crypto wallet and BNB. Check the "How to Buy" page on our website. Always remember to use Pancakeswap v1.
V1. Period. Our liquidity is locked on Pancakeswap V1 for 1 year. Don't use Pancakeswap V2, you would just lose money, time and burn tokens for no reason.
First of all, be sure you have followed all the steps you can find inside the How to Buy page. If you receive errors from the transaction, you can ask for help to our community channel on Telegram. Our community is great and you will always find someone who can help you.
We have a dedicated email address for questions. You can ask information by writing an email to You will get an answer within 2 business days.
To contact the marketing section you can write to
Of course buying our token is the first method. Moreover, you can share our twitter, reddit and telegram posts wherever you want and you think that our project can be helpful.