How to buy SCAM


Step 1

Add BSC Network on MetaMask.

Step 2

Use the button on our website to open the PancakeSwap page

Step 3

Wait until the checkbox becomes clickable

Step 4

Check the Checkbox and Click "Continue to V1 anyway"

Step 5

Check the Checkbox and Click "Continue"

Step 6

Click on Unlock Wallet to Connect to MetaMask

Step 7

Click on Settings Icon and Set Slippage to 14%

Step 8

Select the Amount of BNB. More is Better (of course it is). Click Swap

Step 9

You're Ready. Click Confirm and Enjoy the Journey

Trust Wallet

Step 1 (iOS Only)

Enable DAPP Menu on Trust Wallet: Insert on Safari "trust://browser_enable"

Step 2

Add ScamToken to Your Assets and Start Swap BNBs (of course, as much as you can)